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goo23Sat, 10/06/2012 - 03:295.31m8673 days 7 hours
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Rolling Rocks


in this level you have to climb up the hill
but first you have to get through the rolling rocks they are not deadly but it's still make it harder

and you know what sign painter think "this level is a chaos!!"

the (not so) InvisibleTower of Goo

after i tried the 100% invisible goo
i realized something.... THIS IS INSANE!!
than i change the goo ball so they are a little visible when they are attached (see the picture bellow)
if you really want to try the 100% Invisible Tower of Goo
i still let you to download it, just go too the download tab bellow than choose

now its night time!
and i fix the the gooball!

thanks for downloading Big smile

NOTE: pleas try the 100% Invisible Tower Of Goo
and try the INSANITY!!

Computer Challenge 1 : weird gravity

weird gravity

a computer challenge!!

the gravity in this level is very weird
and you have to fling the bit in right direction

all you have to collect is only 1 (i think is hard enough)

and the OCD is 10 balls

and my record is only 4 balls and 10 second(after a thousand try)

hope you enjoy Smile
and don't say this level is impossible Wink

pleas rate

eye for 2D boy

2D boy

eye for 2D boy (in opening movie)

its not really hard to make this addin
i just use Photoshop to put the image together

and than replace it

hope you like it


wog corporation goo changing pack

wog corporation goo changing pack

This is my first goo ball addin.


Click the "Install Now" button for a .zip that includes all the .goomods, or click the Downloads tab and select the one you want.
You can choose from one of the styles below:

Colorful Goo

This changes the Goo Ball color in World of Goo Corporation. You can choose:
- light green
- light blue
- orange
- red
- yellow

There will be more colors soon. Special thanks to RedTheGreen.

Fruity Goo

These change the Goo Ball to some kind of fruit:

- kiwi
- orange
There will be more soon

the long bridge builder

this is my third uploaded level

and this is an upgrade of ode to the bridge builder

its night time
so the goo in the other side is still sleeping

in this level i added evil eye.....

maybe its not perfect yet

i'm still working on it
but you can still download it now

and now version 0.2

- add some wind
- add stop sign (again)

absolutely easier to play Smile

NEW!! now version 2.6 is out!

- no more goo that fly all over the place
- the background image is more clear

and absolutely easier-easier to play

get out from the gravity

this is my second up loaded level

in this level the gravity level is so high
you must get to the other planet

in this level i just use the same picture add a sign
add a level exit.. add a vertex....
and made the other planet and put the pipe behind the planet oh yea and add
more goo ball
walla and done

i got this idea from the map world view

goo23 sign in

TMW ( Three More Wheel )

this is my first uploaded goo mood
hope you enjoy

it's a little tricky Wink


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