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JaredSun, 10/28/2012 - 17:3830.20m9504 days 10 hours
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Water Logged

 This is new

The snapper told of his return...... not really anyway here is my new level!
This level has been done for some time I have been touching up on it and I am realising it now to show I haven't DITCHED world of goo. sigh I can see why goo jokes forum is dead....

Virtual Cliff hanger

Help the virtual gooballs get to the virtual pipe and keep that pokey goo away from the virtual sign painter!
This is my third level second uploaded please post a comment if there are any bugs and also please tell me what you think.
this level will appear in chapter 4 thanks to mygod.
EDIT: First map to 100!!!!!! YAY


This is my second level, First uploaded Smile
You may not know what some goos are if you haven't played the entire game.
if there are any bugs please post a comment and tell me.
Also Please post a comment to tell me what you think, Thanks Laughing out loud


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