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Hello everyone, I`m the new russian goomoder which completing world of goo on OCD.

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The Blue Carpet

Start Point

This level is a sequel to an original WoG level "The Red Carpet"
This level is not so hard, so you won`t struggle! (maybe)


1.0 - Initial release

If you found bug/issue - leave a comment, I will see this comment and try to fix! Wink

Just Balance (Troll Level)

This is what appens in beginning

Hello, this is my second addin and first addin that got translated into russian language! It can be not so GOO-d, but it`s really challenging! Try it and show your balancing skills!
Привет, это мой второй мод и первый мод который был переведён на русский! Он может быть не таким хорошим, но он действительно сложный! Попробуйте его пройти и показать свои навыки балансирования!

Bit Madness


Hello everyone, this is my first uploaded level! I hope you will enjoy it! This level will be updated soon!


Version 1.0 - Initial Release
- Level was released

Version 1.1 - Issue Fix
- Balls required to complete value is changed from 1 to 7.
- Fixed issue with awakened Pixel goo.

You still can download previous version!


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