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World Of Goo:Mysterious ISH Color World


My first new chapter.
It consists of only 5 levels... I can't say that they are wonderful, however I just tried my best.
I took a whole month to produce this chapter and now enjoy it ;)Remember the chapter will override your Chapter 4!
Thanks @copcap and @dengshouhao for the pictures they provided.And thanks @wogfan for his xsl.
Warning:If you have downloaded my BLUE WORLD and RED WORLD, uninstall them before you install this mod.
Custom particles used.(Level)
3.Firefly_trail(@Mygod )
4.ishb_sleepZzz(@Mygod )

Mysterious ISH Blue World


I promise that this is my last time to release the preview of MICW!
Well ,to publish this addin is for someone who are waiting for my level pack.You may feel bored so I publish this...
Good luck!The level pack(In fact it may be a chapter)is coming in 1 week Wink .
Warning:If you have installed my new chapter.Remember to uninstall this mod at first.


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