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Ball And Chain

This is a level which definitely isn't for beginners, but advanced-level players might get a kick out of this one. The idea here is that the ball needs to be kept in containment, because it can, and most likely will, hinder the initial construction of the tower. The Leap Hole gimmick and the balloons are both needed. Use them wisely.

Also, clouds.

Balls required: 22
OCD requirement: 2 minutes or less
Ball types: 3 (Common, Ivy, Balloon)
Fire: No
Water: No
Wind: No
Things that move: Yes

Bridging The Canyon

This level takes a lot of elements from Ode To The Bridge Builder, but also mixes in Fuse Goo and fire. Also, the anchors are quite necessary to make building the bridge across the gap possible.

Balls required: 30
OCD requirement: 40 balls collected
Ball types: 1 (Fuse)
Fire: Yes
Water: No
Wind: No
Things that move: No


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