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rayWed, 08/20/2014 - 19:111.15m1,3012 days 19 hours
RayleedThu, 08/14/2014 - 09:190.00m8465 hours 14 min
RayleedFri, 09/12/2014 - 08:361.13m1,3156 hours 21 min
RayleedSat, 03/26/2016 - 21:534.05m1,3472 days 52 min
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Magical Black Space

This is my first level pack.(And it's my third addin on Goofans)
The pictures in the addin may be very simple because I'm not good at processing images, but still wish you play it easily and happily.Smile

Trapped In The Puzzle World


Okay, I have to say, I really want to make level these days. For this time, @Rayleed and I made the level together.
@Rayleed provided me with a good originality, so I decided to write him to the author.

Our main role: Miss Beauty got trapped! It's quite dangerous. Hurry! Do your best to save her! But if you want to, you should think about how to free her!

P.S:There are two strange tools in the game, understand how to use them!

the Antient Castle

This is my second level on Goofans.It's very easy to play.But I have lots of tech problems when I was making this level. There're many elements in this level which I haven't ever used(like hinge and composite geometry).And I've changed some elements of the goo balls(that's a little hard for me). If you can tell me the mistakes, I'll solve it at once.Thank you for playing my level!(Also, I'll learn English harder to get along well with everybody!)Smile
(The blocks look familiar? They're the same as the ones in AP's level 'Carzy flying'. AP has allowed me to use them)

Get into the castle

Go down first

Hello everybody! This is my first level.Er...In fact, I've already made some levels.However, my friends said they aren't creative.So I've tried my best to make this level and improved it.I hope you'll like it.(I'm just a junior 1 student in China, and I'm poor at English.If I say anything wrong, I hope'll understand me.Thank you!)


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