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SignPainter1232Thu, 06/27/2024 - 23:568.85m8791 day 5 hours
SignPainter1232Sun, 02/13/2022 - 10:1224.62m70811 hours 35 min
SignPainter1232Sat, 02/05/2022 - 19:581.14m4429 hours 41 min
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The BLACK World

The level

This level has finally been updated!!

I finally decided to update the level. It's much better and a little more challenging than the last version. The level is much larger and I've added some deadly geometry to mix things up a bit.

I hope you enjoy the newer and better version!

-the Sign Painter


v1.0 - Original version (which I'll just forget ever existed)
v1.5 - Highly improved version
v1.5.1 - fixed a geometry error

Hang Low OLDER Version

The original version

This is a remake of an old version of Hang Low from 2006. It looked a bit different from some of the other versions (see first screenshot), but still a good level. I hope you enjoy! Smile

-the Sign Painter

Help Me Up

Bottom half of the level

Good old WoG beta nostalgia!

This is my FIRST level!

IMPORTANT! There is a geometry error which will cause the Goo structure to fall so don't put a Goo on a strand connecting one of the Gooballs and one of the AnchorStickies. Don't even ATTACH IT!!

-the Sign Painter


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