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I make custom levels and sometimes other mods too. I've been playing World of Goo casually since ~2010, but only started modding it in 2021.

Greg never dies, repost if you're greg gang

Working on a chapter rn.

World of Goo

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Addins by Iodine-127


Rescue the unwanted GooBalls from the Recycling Bin.

Around the Worlds

Go around the deadly planets to get to the end. Stay out of the shadows, as they indicate where the planets' gravity begins.


You have a very limited amount of GooBalls, and need to get to the pipe on the other side of the statue.

Bowering Blizzard

Brave the boisterous blusters and battle the blistering blizzard to become bowered by the beautiful blanket of a bore of a branch of the ball of blobs business' barrels.

Dead End

Go up and right over a death pit to get to the pipe.

Broken Man

Return to the place where you killed Burning Man, and do it in reverse.

Super Fuse Sprint Time

Outrun the fire and get to the pipe


Faster, Reversed, Mostly Deadly Tumbler.

Watery Canyon

Small Divide with Water Goo and Water.

Ode to the Wind

Loooks similar to OttBB, but plays different. You have less GooBalls, the gap is slightly wider and deeper, a strong wind is blowing to the right, a there's a deadly windmill on the right edge of the divide, the trees are blowing in the wind, and the gooballs are ivy instead of Common.


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