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I make custom levels and sometimes other mods too. I've been playing World of Goo casually since ~2010, but only started modding it in 2021.

Greg never dies, repost if you're greg gang

Working on a chapter rn.

World of Goo

Towers by Iodine-127

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Addins by Iodine-127

Toxic Towers

Ivy Towers but harder. The towers are a lot taller and lined with mostly deadly spikes, which you brace your self with bone goo. There's also some toxic flowers.


Go from planet to planet.

Beauty and the Deadly Spike Pit

Like Beauty and the Electric Tentacle, but you build an actual bridge accross a spike pit. You have to get the Beauty to the Ball Buster on the other side of the map, then build up to the pipe. You get one bone goo.


Build around the burning windmill and the matches to get to the pipe.

Double Decker Bridge

Climb up to the pipe with the sticky and ivy goo.


Like incineration destination plus fly away little ones.

Spelunkers' Adventure


Use the green goo to get from the top of the level to the very bottom. Use a strategy similar to that of the first half of Upper Shaft, to make a rope for the GooBalls to climb from platform to platform.


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