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GrantSat, 05/01/2010 - 14:3225.55m1,1302 days 12 hours
Addins by Grant

Eye Balls

the eyes

Turns Goo Corp goo balls into eye balls that have four different colours and watch the cursor.


the pulley

A mechanical advantage.

by Grant

Light Bulb Time Bugs

This changes time bugs into light bulbs.

Rubber Sheet Theory

Goo physics!

by Grant

Earth Albino Balls

This mod turns albino goo balls into earth goo balls.

Industrial Oven

Ain't she sweet

A damsel has been trapped in her own oven! You must save her.

by Grant

Spider Ivy Balls

This mod turns ivy goo balls into spider goo balls.

Striped Common Balls

This mod turns regular goo balls into striped goo balls.

Blue Balls - World of Goo Corporation

This mod turns the World of Goo Corp balls blue.


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