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Level is hard because you go down, don't go up Smile
Try to do this

Required: 15
OCD: 109 moves
and sorry for my bad english

Escape Beautiful Goo's

This is my 4th level. It isn't very hard, but OCD isn't very easy.
Required: 40
OCD: 90
Level design: Raidero (Rainero)
Graphics & Music: Kyle Gabler
PS: in screens write you required 80 balls but this is in old version
and sorry for my bad english

Beauty Ivy

This is my 3rd level. It is hard.
Level Design: Raidero (Rainero)
Graphics & Music: Kyle Gabler


My 2nd level. This level is easy, OCD is 12 balls.

Write me an email if level does't work. Have Fun

My email address: raider007c@gazeta.pl

Ivy Towers To The Sky

This is my first level. This level is very easy. Have fun OCD: 15 balls
I repair ground,bg and towers

Write comment, if it does not work.


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