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YoloThu, 05/28/2020 - 12:2327.66m1,0712 days 11 hours
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The Wheel Tower

The level when played

Originally for Gooey Goo's level contest. I posted it here because the contest was closed.

All balls made by Gooey Goo

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long story short I was bored so I made this.

Escape The Digital Carpet

The level

In this level you find yourself in a digital version of the Red Carpet. You must escape using only a few balls to start with.

Level features: A new level in island 4
A movie at the end
New gooballs and a red pipe

Going Down

Me finishing the level

This is a small little level I made that is a remake of going up.

In this level you do the complete opposite if going up. OCD: 8 balls

This is my first time making custom particles so I would love to hear your feedback.

Jack comes to Goofans

The level

In this level you need to get jack on goo fans. I won't tell you how but here is a hint. The left side. That is all I will say

JackSepticEye Goo Balls

So I decided to make this looking back. JackSepticEye started playing world of goo so why not make this for him? I hope he finds this website



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