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WoG: Other Lands Chapter 2 Preview!

Coming Soon...

For those of you wanting to see Chapter 2 of WoG: Other Lands (, I've decided to post a preview of my new chapter! Which will have:
- Custom Music (made by moi)
- Custom Gooballs (I'm planning to make 2 or 3)
- More stages (Like 11 or 12)
- Harder Challenges

Chapter 2 Trailer:

See ya'll soon! Smile

World of Goo: Other Lands BETA

World of Goo: Other Lands Version 1.0.2

My first chapter of the WoG: Other Lands 5 chapter game.

Rest of the chapters coming soon!

Thanks to:
gooey Goo - Art & some coding
Toxic Goo - Some coding
Starcastler - For welcoming me to the WoG Discord

The WoG Fan Discord:

1.0.1 EDIT - Fixed cutscene

1.0.2 EDIT - Made MWV chapters

Chapter 2 Trailer:

Chapter 2 Preview:

Going Down

New Level Design!

My first stage of my new WoG Project that's coming out soon!

This first chapter is called "The Yellow Hills"

Full chapter released soon!

• Fixed some bugs
• Edited text
• New 2.0! Changed level design!



My first level in a LONG time.

It's been a while, and I've made my return!

This one's pretty basic, but it's still pretty cool.


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