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About Me

How did I start my life as a goomodder?

One day, I was uninstalling some apps on my computer, then I saw GooTool there!
Then I looked up for the website and when I saw you can create your own levels, I immediately downloaded the level editor! Smile

I kept creating... and creating... goomods... and when I opened my account, I started uploading the best level I could make (The Ferris Wheel) and I started uploading my addins! I play a bunch of games like Rhythm Heaven, Pokemon, etc. CALL ME KASUMI PLEASE.

I like comments too. Wink

SUPRISE! SUPRISE! Party I like Love Live! anime, and the music. I also like computers, and Pokemon!

World of Goo

Towers by Kasumii999
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DARRELSat, 06/03/2017 - 11:1618.90m1,0085 days 2 hours
Addins by Kasumii999

Citrus Tower


If you like the Citrus goo balls from my level Citrus Tower, if you also want it in the WOGCorp, just download this! Smile


Feel free to share in the comments what you can say about it! Smile

Citrus Tower


Last time was the Lush Tower, now the Citrus Tower!
(oh yeah, don't get hungry)
Also from Rhythm Heaven Megamix.
Again, no music. Crying

Next Planned Towers:
Barbershop Tower
Honeybee Tower
Machine Tower
Songbird Tower

Lush Tower

pipe and Lush balls

My Second Addin! Smile
This was based from another game, Rhythm Heaven Megamix. (for 3DS)
Sorry, though that it has no music because it might give me copyright claim.
Hope it gets released! Smile

The new balls:
-the new grassy BombSticky
-undetachable Ivy gooballs that DON't burn.

Next Levels planned:
Barbershop Tower
Honeybee Tower
Donut Tower
Machine Tower
Songbird Tower

That's it!

*1.1 - common_grass name has been changed to Lush, and the body is darker. (thanks gooey goo! Smile)

1.2 - Added music!

The Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

Hello Goofans!

I finally have created a addin and I did pay hard work creating the wheel Laughing out loud
and creating the balls was fun to do, and creating the level itself!

So, any bugs?
Feel free to tell me in the comments, but please, please don't comment mad at me...

About Level:
dir: DwellyLauwa (it was originally planned to teach my sister the level editor)
name: The Ferris Wheel
ocd: 48 balls


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