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My-Key hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

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Goo Cola

Small mod which replaces Goo Balls in WoG Corp. to Cola drops.

Great Escape

This is my first level. Have fun. To install you must have GooTool.

  • Level design: My-Key
  • Graphics: Kyle Gabler and My-Key
  • Music: Kyle Gabler

Thanks to 2D boy for a great game and GooGooAction for the very informative tutorial. Translations: French - DarkZonork; German - GooGooAction

1.0 is available (for those who like this version)

-2 times higher and a bit wider
-added time bugs
-changed some common balls to ivy balls
-lines to mark "3D"
-you can't go through shelf and through monitor


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