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World of Goo

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Luigi74437Fri, 07/23/2010 - 16:4418.33m8743 days 31 min
ExchangeGOOtentFri, 09/24/2010 - 03:2317.27m1,0857 hours 11 min
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A tricky first level

The structure nearly over the edge.

My first level using ExchangeGOOtent's knowledge of world of goo. The pixel structure is too heavy for the Evil Eye...if only some pixels would die. There is a 50% chance that the pipe won't suck onto the pixel structure Sad

Chapter 5

The fish...

This is the final chapter! (Yeah I know I skipped 2 and 3 but...yeah...) OCD is 1 minute. I got 59 seconds. Have Fun! The Fish are detachable. This goomod was made using an old version of wogeditor so I could use the Fish goo (version 071)


Fish goo are balloons for now...

Dead Easy

Nearly have the OCD...

My first level with:

A. Restricted areas (Temperelitilly)
B. A custom pipe, Dead Pipe

I would have liked to use those ISH skulls but they don't go into the pipe...OCD is 11 goos

Tall Tower

The tower...

Basically like a tower of Goo, except there are two ballons all the commons are fuses, its taller and the pipe is red.


The moveable skull on top of th virus goo structure...

These viruses are trying to infect the ish_wog_corp. Lead them to the pipe!

This level contains my newest goo the "Virus" goo. Its bacically a red pixel that will burn properly. The OCD is 30 goos

Useable Uglies

Ugly near the pipe...

Finally there are Uglies that won't fly away! The new ugly is also known as UglyNonFly. OCD is 36 goos...I can't understand...All I had to do to make this goo was remove the anti-gravity come it took so long for someone to think of that?!?!

Can you tell me whats wrong with this new goo ball of mine?

Why is my latest goo (Virus) invisible?


The structure broke...

How does this work? All I see is a structure of Pilots with hexs on it the pipe down there and that picture of a Pilot goo...spoilers in video.

Heat Bomb test

The stucture (Left) and the Heat Bomb (Right)

I have made my first goo! Its a shaft bomb but red, burns longer, Bigger explosion radious and eyes are different. This is only a sample. The reason Albino Pokey is an additional author is cause he helped me out alot in how to make goos. You may use this new goo in your own level but to find it look for "BombHeat".

Quick Bomb

The Fuse has been lit!

I was trying to make my first goo (Heat Bomb) But I failed. I the process I made this level...OCD is 12 Seconds.

Dark Climbing

Seen through wog editor...

This is my first darkness level and probably my last...Thanks to Goosweek for the dark Pokeys. The big wheel doesn't spin (If you try to go through the post for the big wheel You Are CHEATING). I set OCD to 40 moves...can anyone think of a better one?


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