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momoThu, 02/17/2011 - 13:124.45m6387 hours 14 min
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MOM is annoyed because you left your junk file lying around. Get rid of it or you're grounded!

This is my first endongeom level and also the first on goofans!


This is the very first addin I made long ago 100% by hand (though the conflicts had to be solved with WooGLE) it was based on Jingle balls.
I sent it to davidc ages ago but he never posted on the site. It's not much as far as level gameplay goes, but this level is very dear to me!

Suck it Up

That godly hand is menacingly holding those gooballs over those spikes!
Save them, but don't forget that all your action have consequences! (no spoilers please!)

balls required:4
OCD: 5 (use your brain!)


Those two love each other. But they can't kiss because they're separated. Help them make a secret rendezvous...


The sign painter is thirsty! Help him make lemonade!
level using:
-my lemon gooballs
-new lemon Mom gooballs

Have Fun!

Addin repaired! no version problem and no glitch.



Where is that pipe? Probably behind that 2000 kilogoo block. What to do, what to do...
Balls required: 35
OCD: 67
72 is possible and easy! I might change the OCD.


Just a test with my way of making pistons. Feel free to edit!
I didn't put it in the samples addins because it is a pretty interesting playable level.
/!\ very frustrating level!


No I didn't miss spell revolution! you'll get it...
This is the "sequel" to regurgitation pumping station
The Ivy gooballs landed on a distant exoplanet!
They have a problem to get back to earth... find out what it is for yourself!
Those who have tried my World Sandbox and watched its video would know what to do!
So would those who are familiar with goo whacking.

Stuck in a Gear

Those gooballs are stuck between that gear and that bar! Only they can fit in the pipe! Better find some way to get them out...
Please feel free to leave comments!
I officially declare this one of my best levels (IMO)

Deadly Roll Up

That wheel is pulling you up towards those deadly windmills! You'd better do something, or else...
New level with my world (of goo) famous goo dispensers!


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