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World of Goo

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momoThu, 02/17/2011 - 13:124.45m6387 hours 14 min
momoMon, 05/31/2010 - 13:0011.23m1,3593 days 1 hour
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Aqua Corporation

Yesterday night World of Goo Corporation was flooded.No real damage here and the goo balls seem to be making the most of it! Come and join them, the water is fine! The flood brought in infinite Drained gooball dispensers oh joy!
(don't worry this level is separate from world of goo corp. so don't be afraid to get wet!)

Fall Hold

Afraid of heights? Then this addin isn't for you. If you get through the level, the OCD is easy. Please bear in mind that this is my first level that I created by myself.
Please don't hesitate for suggestions!

Sandbox : NO LIMITS!

Based on MattOG's sandbox but you can have as much goo as your heart desires with gooball and block dispensers and awsome added features:

  • Zero Gravity (Instead of Anti-Gravity) +Goo Spaceship
  • Venus!
  • Conveyor Belt
  • More Water
  • Bin! (or for Americans: Trash can)
  • Lemon gooballs
  • RectHead, Fuse and Bit dispensers
  • Ball buster and detacher gears
  • fire

Check out screenshots! (I didn't change the video)
Please Check out my other addins here!

Tower Of Goo Unlimited


Bummed about the 300 gooball limit in World of goo Corp.? Then download Tower Of Goo Unlimited, all credit to Kyle Gabler. Just extract the zip file.
If necessary I will make a exe setup version.

Red Little Miss World of Goo

The author has not yet uploaded a description

Bowling Albino Balls

Albino balls are heavy... Just like Bowling balls... Why not combine them?



Makes your drained gooballs look electronic!


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