Each Actor in a movie is either an image or a piece of text, and has an associated animation made up of a series of keyframes.

Actors have a few attributes of their own.

name : String : Optional
name is used to identify the actor in the tree view, and also apecifies the default name when saving an animation file for the actor.
If omitted, the tree view will show the Resource ID for this actor.
type : image or text : Required
Specifies what type of actor this is.
If image then you must set the image attribute of the actor
If text you must also set the text and font attributes.
depth : Number : Required
The relative depth of the actor in the scene. Must be greater than 0
If the original movies this starts at 0 and simply increases by 1 for each actor.
visible : true / false : Optional : Default = True
Mainly for during editting, you can make an actor invisible.
Note: Invisible actors are NOT included in the binltl output, however their keyframe times can still affect the length of the movie.
loop : true / false : Optional : Default = False
If an actor's last keyframe occurs before the end of the movie, then it will "loop" and restart its animation from the beginning. By default Goovie will prevent this by adding an extra keyframe to the output at the end time of the movie. However if you do want this actor to loop, set true, and they will repeat their animation over and over until the end of the movie.
There is a "looping sample" included in the installer, see the read me in that folder.Video Sample
align : left / right / center : optional Default=left
The alignment of the text, at the position specified by the keyframe.

labelMaxWidth and labelWrapWidth were never used in the original movies, and need investigation.

Making Actors do things

In order to appear, and "do things" actors require [keyframes]

Exporting Animations

You can export the list of keyframes for an actor as a stand-alone [Animation]