The keyframes you create for an actor can also be exported as a stand-alone animation file .anim.binltl
Simply select the actor whose animation you want to export and click the Export Animation button.

You can then apply these animations to SceneLayers in levels, in the same way you would apply any of the original animations (rot_1fps, blink etc)

If you give the actor a name then this will be used for the default filename name to export. {actorname}.anim.binltl
If you have not given the actor the default filename will be {moviename}.anim.binltl

Animation "quirks"

There are a few differences between how the game processes a movie animation and a stand-alone animation.

Alpha values only work in animations if color is also specifed and interpolation=linear
you can specify color="255,255,255" to avoid actually changing the color of the image

Animations with color values MUST also have alpha values.. or the game crashes.

Animations with no keyframe at time 0, can behave very strangely until the time of the first keyframe is reached.

Some exported Animations in a level