Orange Fuse Goo

Burning ManAuthor: inwog
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Release date: 04/28/2010 - 00:18
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Orange Fuse Goo is my 3rd Ball Style Addin. This addin makes the fuse goo has an orange spot and became large. Not only that, this addin can change the black pipe into red.

inwog's 3rd Ball Style Addin
Mod made by inwog.

inwog's 11th addin

Fuse Goo has an orange spot and became large!!!
But how about the splats? They became black.

All Levels contains Black Pipes turns into Red Pipes.

inwog's 3rd Ball Style Addin

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Burning Man
Second Hand Smoke
 Super Fuse Challenge Time
Upper Shaft
You Have To Explode The Head
Incineration Destination
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