Ball Style (Other) Addins

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Angel Albino Balls

This simple addin gives all the albino goo balls an angelic halo.
Thanks to durr for the idea, and tacomann12 (I just modified his mod instead of starting from scratch).
NOTE: If you use these with xanax's devil goo balls, it creates a bizarre effect that is not entirely realistic. Don't blame me.

Apple Balls

This addin adds new kind of balls - Apple balls.
They have the ability to not burn easily and thus disconnected.
It should be noted that they are a little bit lighter than conventional bulbs, and while a little more than their form.

Bakery Balls
Cake squares? And toaster strudels!!!

Cookies and toaster strudels and pies - oh my! And don't forget... cake squares?

This turns some of the most common balls of Goo(tm) into Goo Bakery Products(tm). Goo(tm) and Goo Bakery Products(tm) are trademarks of World of Goo Corporation,inc.

Balloon Eyes
Flying Machine

This mod edits the balls.xml file in the balloon folder and adds eyes to the balloon gooballs. I think no one ever thought of this before,and this is my first goomod! Big smile

Balloon Types
Custom Ballon ( Welcoming Unit )

This add - on is similar than jamerz do.
This will change the ballon goo into 8 types of balloon
1. Rainbow Balloon
2. Icy Balloon
3. Blue Star Balloon
4. Pixel Balloon ( Orange coloured., I want to fix this because it not looks pixelized)
5. Radioactive Balloon
6. Grass Balloon
7. Glassy balloon
8. Plasma Balloon

bear balls



This is my first mod that changes the appearance of a ball (actually lots), and probably the last one, because I got bored! Tongue
NOTE: I only edited the body images because I don't know how to use PhotoShop or GIMP properly, so I'm sorry if some of these changes look awful. I got these images from somewhere else. Is Paint.NET a good software for someone like me? (lol)

What are the new balls?

#1 balls are Common.
#2 balls are Albino.
#3 balls are common black, and Distant.
#4 balls are Pixel, SimCommon and DrainedIsh.
#5 balls are Pilots.
#6 balls are Ivies.

Black Gray White
Someone has stolen our colors...

Can You imagine Goo balls without collors?

But it comes true...
The evil Mr. Sign has destroyed goo's colours.

When you have "King Beauty Balls", you must pick it at the end of Goo Tool's list to destroy crown's colour.

The goo balls are now so unhappy...

Bone Fracture

A simple addin. Gives bone a cracked look. Special thanks to Pavke for putting up with my incessant questions.

EDIT: Cracks now look a LOT cleaner.

Bowling Albino Balls

Albino balls are heavy... Just like Bowling balls... Why not combine them?