Ball Style (Other) Addins

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New Pokey

An alternative look.

Smudge Bombs!
Smudge Bombs

This mod makes the three bomb balls filtered (as in smudge stick filter in Photoshop). It makes them look lighter!

This formerly adds +50 explosionradius
But it's basically "Cheating" according to the rules cause it changes the original properties that makes the game play easier.

Obscurities Pack

Just because they aren't used often doesn't mean they shouldn't be forgotten. Currently includes Bone Fracture, New Pokey, Graphics Change, Happy Distant Goo, and Pink Eye.

Ghost Balls
Goo Souls in action!

Goo scientists found it more fun to build structures with Goo Ball souls. So, they have made... the SOUL-RELEASING POTION! This potion, when gave to your common goo balls, releases their souls, and enables them to be built with!

Anyways, in reality...
This mod changes common goo balls to look like ghosts, with transparent, blue bodies / strands, and blank, soulless eyes... which is ironic, because they are souls!

Angel Albino Balls

This simple addin gives all the albino goo balls an angelic halo.
Thanks to durr for the idea, and tacomann12 (I just modified his mod instead of starting from scratch).
NOTE: If you use these with xanax's devil goo balls, it creates a bizarre effect that is not entirely realistic. Don't blame me.

Hello World Goo Balls
Click Me!

Testing the creation of a new goomod. Changes the graphics of the common gooball with the inclusion of "shaking" hands spring_goo graphics..

Mystify Balls

Mystify Balls are my 4th ball style addin. It changes some balls into mystify balls from Mystify Collision World.

inwog's 4th ball style addin
Mod made by inwog

The Legal BETaco
Very taco-y

This is a fixed version of Tacomann12's BETATaco mod, a replacement for the common balls, which got taken off this site. Tacomann12 did most of the work, I just tweaked it a bit. The tacos now have 2 strands and cannot be detatched.
It is also in goomod 1.1 format.

Great work, Tacomann12! I love it! Smile

WooGLE - Fish Ball Fix

This addin is a companion for the World of Goo Level Editor (WooGLE)

It fixes the resource name errors in the original Fish ball.

This addin is ONLY required if you want to use the Fish ball in a custom level with WooGLE 0.74 or higher

This addin makes no functional,graphical or gameplay changes to the Fish ball!

Snowblower Bugs
Snowblower Bugs in Upper Shaft

Give your time bugs a funny ability to blow snow! Laughing out loud
(this is my first ball style, welcome to try it Wink)

P.S. The XSL in this goomod is also a template. Feel free to use it.