Lush Woods

middleAuthors: Kasumii999, gooey goo
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Latest version: 1.5
Release date: 06/20/2017 - 05:59
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This chapter ROCKS!

This chapter is the very first I uploaded to goofans.
The ones with hyperlinks are here, whilst some don't.
Also, please uninstall EVERY SINGLE version of the levels in GooTool.

It contains:
Lush Tower
Honeybee Tower
Citrus Tower
Barbershop Tower
Machine Tower
Donut Tower
Songbird Tower
Lush Tower 2
Night Walk

1.1 - Fixed the wrong naming of Chapter 2 and 5 and now has a custom icon.
1.2 - Added a cutscene to Lush Tower 2 and put the one back in Songbird Tower. (I love cutscenes!)
1.3 - Added minor changes to the Lush Tower 2 cutscene and added a skipeolsequence there.
1.4 - Replaced the copyrighted music with this. It's royalty free music.
1.4.5 - Added a pressplate to Night Walk to activate another loopsound (unreleased)
1.5 - WHY DID I NOT PACK SONGBIRD TOWER?! (Fixed here to avoid the crash) Happy now, Liyuan?

To avoid the crash, Songbird Tower MUST be installed. Check here.

Special Thanks to gooey goo for helping me out!

machine tower sux

There are 4 screenshots.

right side
left side
top rainbow
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