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The new and improved World of Goo 1/2 logo!Author: gooey goo
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Release date: 12/24/2016 - 22:23
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This is my very first chapter, and is soon to be part of a MWV! This addin contains:
-A new look for the MWV
-A new first chapter
-A new second chapter
-7 new species of Goo
-23 new levels

And more to come later!
I hope you enjoy this addin, as it took a lot of effort to create.

Thanks for those who have stuck around for this! Special thanks to Benjers benjers. Expect to see him appear in Chapter 3...

I guess I'm taking a break from doing World of Goo 1/2. Don't worry, it'll be finished (at the least, chapter 3 will be finished in 2017). However, there are other things I'd like to work on.

But I may make an update. It won't be very interesting, but it should make the addin smaller.

Changes in Update 1.1, A.K.A The 1st Minor Update:
-Corrected "Mountian" to "Mountain"
-Changed update number "0.1" to "1.1"
-Changed title image for Chapter 1
-Renamed "Into Darkness" to "Into the Dark"

Changes in Update 2.0, A.K.A The Debugged Update:
-Chapter two is finally fixed!

There are 7 screenshots.

The new and improved World of Goo 1/2 logo!
Chapter 1!
The first thing you see from the new chapter
Some levels are pretty easy
Other levels are very difficult
I've been working, but not a lot
Chapter 2!
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