Element Buster

Preview: Element BusterAuthor: inwog
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Release date: 05/27/2010 - 23:19
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I made this level so far, this level is a resemble of Product Launcher, except the balls are element balls not Z Bombs. The Sign Painter describes the balls on how the goo balls give energy.

Purple - Darkness Ball, more darker color, can make tough mass, sometimes it can kill goo balls or destroy blocks. This ball used in Screamers and Deaths.
Blue - Water Ball, can make goo balls swim faster. Some goo balls will swim slower if the mass is too huge. This ball used in Deep Water Calamity.
Green - Wind Ball, understands the goo balls' physics. In the matter of fact, forcefields and radialfields are affected by this element. This ball used in Virtual Reality.
Yellow - Light Ball, give more energy and power. Also It can get strength from goo balls for mass weight. This ball used in Power Overwhelming.
Orange - Earth Ball, can make goo balls walk and climb faster, but sometimes if a goo ball walk faster, they can skip a stopsign and hit by the obstacle. This ball used in Hazardous Bridge Building.
Red - Fire Ball, can make goo balls set fire faster, but some of them aren't. This ball used in Bursted Flames of Fury.

Try to deploy these balls at the pipe to save.
There are 6 Levels used these balls (except for the Mom Goo, which is to huge to fit the level) and here they are:

1. Virtual Reality (Wind Level) - a virtual level with lots of structures, make your way to the exit by launch the goo balls around the physics.
2. Deep Water Calamity (Water Level) - deep underwater and across a gap of spikes to avoid them.
3. Bursted Flames of Fury (Fire Level) - fire is coming, and you know what to do, build a bridge and explode barricades on your way.
4. Screamers and Deaths (Darkness Level) - a level with a secret, try walk the spikes carefully and reach the blocks and the exit.
5. Power Overwhelming (Light Level) - this level is long, try to use 5 sticky bombs carefully to explode something.
6. Hazardous Bridge Building (Earth Level) - hardest of all levels, build a bridge across the spikes, but there are storm clouds to pop the balloons.

inwog's 7th Single Level Addin

Goal: 120 Goos
OCD: 25 Seconds

There are 3 screenshots.

Preview: Element Buster
OCD is 25 Seconds
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