Rock Road

...the rocks will be moving as soon as you move the stands...Author: Donald
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Latest version: 2.438
Release date: 01/31/2013 - 22:16
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English description:

I spent at least 24 hours making this level,
and I edited N times at all.

Warning:DON'T DOWNLOAD v2.4!!!

Update log

  1. Move the pipe
  2. Change the trap ,copy "Ivy" into 'sticky'
  3. Delete all "pokey" ,add an 'Easter egg'
  4. Copy "GooProduct" into 'staticwhensleeping'
  5. Add a trap which kills balls
  6. Enlarge the distance of each two blocks ,delete two groups of blocks
  7. Add "flowerDust" effect ,make a new goo ball
  8. Decrease "the sound of the rain" ,add a "water music when a ball died"
  9. Check the error of loopsound
  10. Move something
  11. Add a trap which kills balls again ,move the pipe again
  12. Change some pictures
    1. 中文描述:




      1. 更改管道位置
      2. 更改機關,複製Ivy为可粘球
      3. 删除原有pokey,增加彩蛋
      4. 複製GooProduct为staticwhensleeping
      5. 增加杀球機關
      6. 增大原有石块间距,删除两組石块
      7. 增加flowerDust特效,新作粘粘球
      8. 减小雨声,增加杀球换音乐
      9. 修改背景音樂錯誤
      10. 移動了某某某
      11. 又增加了杀球機關,移動了管道
      12. 改了些圖片

There are 2 screenshots.

...the rocks will be moving as soon as you move the stands...
...but you may find a way to keep them static...
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2.43AllTue, 01/22/2013 - 04:50Donald.Rock.Road.goomod145.19 KB732
2.4AllSat, 01/19/2013 - 02:04Donald.Rock.Road.goomod145.18 KB707

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