Volcano Craziness

Preview: Volcano CrazinessAuthor: inwog
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Release date: 05/18/2010 - 12:28
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My 69th level, its so annoying and fun! I got this plan in my mind to see who can beat this one. The terrain is the same as Draigar's Place in Creatures in WOG. I placed only two volcanoes because you'll get to hard on this.

To get OCD, you have to find all the easter eggs: hidden water balls, hidden albino balls and hidden black balls.

Comment me if the OCD is impossible.

inwog's 5th single level addin.

Version 1.1
- OCD is set to 78 Balls
- Widescreen End Position Moved
- Added insidesquare.png to the volcano sides (because you'll find the first Easter Egg!

Goal: 8 Goos
OCD: 78 Goos

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Preview: Volcano Craziness
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