Sample Addins

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change music

This is one possibility how to change the music within a level.

Moving jaw

This is a demonstration on how to create sinusoidal linear motion, using a piston to transfer rotational into linear motion.

This is a playable level, but to see how it works, edit the level and turn visualdebug on, and adjust the minx to -1000 and maxx to 1000. Then scroll left to see the piston.

Crushers - Prototype
The Crusher!

This is an idea that I had recently. There will be a long line of these things, which you need to activate one by one.

Then you need to slide underneath.

Hopefully you activated them into a good patten for this. Wink

Weird Strand Level

There are some weird strand in this level!
Thanks @Mygod for testing!

WoG Corporation Green Balls Coloring

This is an example of changing the colors of WoG stuff. You can edit this package by opening it in WinRAR or just by changing the file format from ".goomod" to ".zip"

Please feel free to edit!

Bouncy Ball

A sample on creating bouncy surfaces. Basically it is an empty room with a wall material that has the bounce attribute at 1.1, making the goos bounce higher as described here:

World of Goo: Bubble Quest Demo
The Scene of Bubble Quest Demo

My first addin since April 9, 2013 with Underwater Level Demonstration was released. This is a demo of my released addin, World of Goo: Bubble Quest (was released on May 27, 2014).

inwog's 2nd sample addin
Addin made by inwog

Rotating Planet
Building while rotating

Demonstration of how to make rotating, walkable geometry. This is a simple test level (playable, but not very interesting) in response to a forum question.

Note how the planet is not exactly positioned on the radialforcefield, to avoid an ODE crash when the geometry is exactly aligned with the force field.

Screenshot 2 also demonstrates that, contrary to popular belief, it is possible for strands to break given enough force. The chain is being stretched by friction of the Ivy balls on the planet, and is about to snap.

How to make a goomod level

ok so you just made a world of goo level. now it is time to make it into a goomod file.

first download and extract this

then open gootool and make sure you have the latest version. once opened you can open the advanced menu bar and chose decrypt and then choose decrypt .bin file (Pc/linux)

Underwater Level Demonstration
Underwater Level Sample

A demonstration on how to make an underwater level.

inwog's 1st sample addin
addin made by inwog