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Old style World of Goo

This one took me a while... and now its here!!!
Makes the planet black white and grey coloured

Zombie Attack 2D BOY logo

Some creatures came back from death to enjoy the game.

It's a custom 2D BOY logo with a gore style.

Check it on the begin of my "Devil Eyes Mod" video, at the botton of this page.

Patapon pack

this does three things:
1.Changes the starting to a Patapon style (as seen on icon) and the 'Almighty' is placing the letters
2.makes the Drained goo balls in the Goo corp. little Patapons (they also look at you) also changes an OCD flag used in the first chapter

thanks and happy gooing


Tacomann's Lil MODS

I was sitting on my couch thinking of NEW stuff for my WoG2,
and then it hit me (sorta)
Why not make a whole bunch of little mods for people... and thats exactly what i did,

Here's some info about some of them
1.Asteroid Belt, it just creates a tranparent ring of rotating asteroids in the MapWorldView

2.Teeth, All it does is makes the letterbox_bottom/top pics for MapWorldView have teeth, oh it also changes the background to give it a better effect

3.The World Is On Fire, I practically just copied the Merge folder off my DEMON mod. But most of the credit goes to DaB

Minecraft Signs

This replaces all wooden signs with Minecraft-y signs. This changes both the sign graphics and the sign fonts. Keep in mind that this applies only to wooden signs, digital signs inside Chapter 4 remain unchanged.
This is just something I put together, initially as a suggestion from kirdneh, as a reply to my Wooden Signs mod. I also had a great lot of help from Albino Pokey, who supplied the font and images.

eye for 2D boy
2D boy

eye for 2D boy (in opening movie)

its not really hard to make this addin
i just use Photoshop to put the image together

and than replace it

hope you like it


Invisible Pipe Pointer

This goomod will make your pipe pointer invisible.
If you want to make a level with fake pipes, you can add this to your goomod (it's just a transpency image override the \res\images\exit_arrow.png )

I think this is the smallest goomod on GooFans. It's size only have 914 Bytes! Wink

0.2 Update: Reduce the file size from 920 Bytes to 914 Bytes. Tongue

WoG - Everlasting Evening

All (almost all) of the pictures were completely recoloured into black, and the background is the theme of the evening and the russian language still stands here, so if you want I will create the English version (in English). Rate it, please.

English version is here!

Red Little Miss World of Goo

The author has not yet uploaded a description

Rainbow Intro

colourfull '2DBOY' and hand