i'm back?

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well, I really did not expect to not be busy. Anyways i canceled my way later return date and come back here again. Man I really miss this forum and it's users. While i was gone i checked the flipline forum and you can't believe how many fights were happening! I like to be here. It's so quiet and peaceful here. I missed you guys very much.

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Welcome Back! Hopefully this wont be one of a lengthy number of supposed returns like what I did over the past few years.

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same here, and for a lot of other sites, just do other things, come back to old ones Wink

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Hello there guys. I'm glad to see that you welcome me back. Anyways, how do I change my username? I want to change it because I am no longer interested in Sam and Max. I saw hellopeoples post mentioning some games at inferno fans. And boy, they were fun and interesting!

Hey there

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You can't change your username here, unfortunately. DavidC could probably do it for you but I'm not sure whether he'd respond to such a request.