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Hi! Narkisim here! I am obsessed with chapter making and hopefully, produce one myself in the future. I was inspired by the best chapter creators around GooFans so I listed them and made a Top 5 list for greatest chapter makers since this website was born.

5. Albino Pokey,

Albino Pokey made his best and only chapter addin on 2010 by releasing the chapter World of Goo Another Planet. This 3-part chapter is the home of very complex level programming that gave influence to the few chapter makers we know today. Basing off of the raw images from WoG, this chapter is not a unique chapter (because some chapters are also based from the original WoG Images) but it is a great chapter that people can look up to.

4. copcap

The genius behind The Deceiving World, copcap is a very experimental chapter creator. He made his chapters VERY hard to play. He also incorporates with "code-cracking" on the level "Please Enter The Password" found on the chapter The Adventure Of Ugly, a chapter all about the Ugly ball. copcap's latest chapter is Block Maze which is also pretty fun to play with. He contributed to many chapters and addins on this website.

3. My Gom

My Gom's chapter series ENS Factories is a very big chapter series that made My Gom a great chapter creator. His Mysterious Fuel Factory is a masterpiece! The 32-leveled chapter is a big hit, gaining 6,000 downloads. Some of the levels are very hard! This cost me 2 hours of thinking. The second chapter of his series The Informationalized Factory incorporates with color combination of graphics and the concept of Easter Egg levels.

2. .SlipKnoT._2_2

Who produced ten chapters here in GooFans? The one and only .SlipKnoT._2_2! This modder made more than 100 levels on his 3-year service in GooFans. His Magnum Opus, SlipKnoT IX reached 2,000 plus downloads in just 2 weeks! His first three chapters included Hidden levels. He is also the founder of our group Goofans United with Jim2102 and more. SlipKnoT released his debut chapter Winter Wonderland on March 2014. His most recent work World Of Tangram Part 1: Color Citadel followed the footsteps of SlipKnoT IX and gained 1,300 downloads and counting. He has 2 unfinished chapter series, World of Tangram and Epic Goo Tales. He has 2 compilation level packs under his belt.

1. inwog

The mighty inwog is this website's Greatest Chapter Creator! I consider his World of Goo: Bubble Quest as the best chapter in the website. He produced more than 400 levels in his 7-year term in goofans. At the top of his game, inwog left goofans in 2016, a big disappointment for many, and even me. This led the Bubble Quest as his last chapter release. Maybe he is not the best Cover art maker (I prefer SlipKnoT's imagery), but he beats all of the level makers out there. You really deserve the trophy!

If you have any problems with my list, feel free to comment!

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What about tacoman13, who made this: ?
Besides that, it's not a bad list. You should do the greatest MWV mods made. For something to qualify, the goomod must have at least 2 new chapters. What do you think?

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tacomann is omitted from the list because he never completed his release. I can't call him great. he teased the part one and never did part 2.

Have you played my first demo "Genesis (Demo)?" If not, you can play it "here"

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Do you think you could do a list on the best Map World Views though? Or at least best chapters?

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Sure! That'll be done!

Have you played my first demo "Genesis (Demo)?" If not, you can play it "here"

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Just out of curiosity, will it be posted in another forum topic, or will it be here? Also, when do you suppose it would come out? I really want to see it!

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i making my best chapter so do you cant put me in that list?

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