A better name?

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GooTool wasn't ever properly named, it was just what I picked in the first few minutes of writing code. I'm sure it could have a better name - anyone have any ideas?

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Maybe 'Gools' ? Wink

from Russia with love Wink

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Ho, ho ho Smile

See, GooTool currently has these features:

- Installing addins
- Managing game preferences (including those not available even by editing preferences files)
- Viewing your profile/tower
- Translation tool

And the following features are coming soon:

- Auto-downloading addins when needed
- Uploading your profile/tower to this site, including backup/restore
- Level editor is nearly done (lets you create new levels)
- Ball type editor is nearly done (lets you create new goo types)
- Game analyzer is nearly done (lets you figure out what balls are used where, what properties mean what etc)
- Addin creator will be started soon (lets you package your new levels and balls up without needing to know XML or zip files)

It's a bit of an all-round tool but I wanna have a unique and special name for it (and maybe even a new name for this site, goofans.com was chosen because I needed to find a domain name in 5 minutes flat)

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Lol five minutes flat huh?

I was thinking that it should tie in with the game somehow. Like with all the deep meaning of "industrialization, alienation in the modern world, post-modern commentaries on consumer culture, and the downfall of technologically advanced societies."

GooCorp? NewGoo? BeautyJuice (lol), The Recycle Bin (too vague...), Product Z? Product Gooz?

My favorite feature has got te be adding more levels. Hmmmm.... World of Goo: Wrath of the Sign Painter (okay sorry, i also play WOW, and Wrath just came out Laughing out loud )

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the Goo Factory?

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Goo barrel

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I think gootool is a fine but I also have a name : Gooworld


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Maybe Goodie.

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Who needs a better name? I think both titles work fine.

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Yeah I think now that google has un-blacklisted the domain (it used to be some Japaneses spam site) and the names have stuck, I'll leave them as-is.