cant use gootool

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I installed goo and java 1.5.0. but when i click on gootool i get a message

Uncaught exception (jave.lang.nullpointerexception):null

so can anyone help me here . Thanx in advance Smile

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Hello, and welcome to GooFans! Smile

I feel that I've seen that exception that the latest version of Java? I think GooTool requires v1.6+ to work. Check here for more info.

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i think problem is java ,i ll try downloading it again

nope not working i downloaded both gootool and java 2 times but dont work ?? Is there a single link of java for windows 7 as if i try from site its downloaded in patches . So if u can provide a link that would be greatly appretiated .

thanx Smile

edit------- Ok its done now i wanna ask why are there only 300 gooballs in my goo corporation coz i have taken ocd and maximum balls in every level but its only showing 300 ????

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Its a common question, you can only have 300 gooballs in WoGC or it will cause HUGE lag to the game. 2DBoy thought of only adding 300 as it does not lag. If you see the clouds of other player saying that they are using more than 300 its not true. They are also using 300 gooballs, the clouds just show the maximum gooball they colected. (unless they did interesting stuffs with their profile.)

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