My Level dosen't work

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Joined: 12/31/2009

I can't get my level to work in World Of Goo Editor V.72!

My level is here:

This happened after I edited the addin.xml.

Joined: 06/19/2009

Well your "edit" of addin.xml pretty well messed it up...
If you don't know exactly what you're doing with XML, you're far better off using the Addin Tab.. that's mainly why I put it there.

Easiest way to fix...
Close WooGLE
delete VirusGear.addin.xml from your level folder.
Reload the level in the editor.

And put the info into the Addin Tab again.

Edit: And leave the XML files alone! Wink

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Okay, I'll stay away from "the dangers of .xmls"! Wink

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Sounds like a plan!

Although, if you do want to edit it by hand...
1) Try and learn a bit about XML first...
2) Keep an copy of the original file.
So at least you can put it back as it was and "no harm done"... rather than having to scrap the lot and enter it all again.

Just a thought. Wink