command line options for gootool?

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I'd love to be able to programmatically grab the information on the tower height, number of balls, and the image of the tower from gootool on the command line.

Having just spoken to David on the IRC, he asked what were the features I wanted. The two formats he suggested would actually be perfect for my uses:

gootool -profile 0 -drawtower mytower.png
gootool -profile 0 -showstats

Where the former just outputs the png, and the latter gives key/value pairs, perhaps like:

height 11.67
balls 125

As long as I can get at these three pieces of data, whatever format you prefer is fine by me.

Thanks so much!


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Say, what program are you developing?

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Added in 1.0.3:
Sorry it's taken a while to get to this.


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This is added in 1.0.3 which is now released.