Human Resource Machine Interview in Nintendo Everything

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Kyle Gabler took some time to answer a few questions about Human Resource Machine in his hilarious, sarcastic way. Well worth a read!

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Well... I will wait for the game's release... I'm sure it will be good like WoG or Little Inferno. Smile

Nerdy Z is coming.

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(As a beta tester: It is)

Solid puzzles, great humor, art, and music, some awesome in-jokes... It's everything I loved about World of Goo and Little Inferno wrapped up into a nice shiny package. The puzzles may not be quite everyone's style (check the trailer), but I personally think the game as a whole is top-notch.

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This puzzle is EXACTLY me when I'm trying to squeeze out every single bit of that performance I can get. It's so fun for me as a coder. Laughing out loud

Finished it within 4 hours. A little bit short for me though. But I definitely don't want to write anything larger than that last sort with a language that doesn't have support for dynamic JUMPTOs (or functions). Tongue