Future of goomod?

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Just wondering what will happen in the future, when there are 20 goomod levels? or 30? or 50?

Are they just going to be all on the left? Is there going to be another 'chapter' to click on with nothing but goomod levels?

Just wondering? It seems to be getting cluttered with the 5 i have right now.

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The intention was always that a new chapter would be created for all the custom levels. Unfortunately, World of Goo crashes currently when adding new chapters. When this is fixed, we'll use a new chapter.

In the meantime, a forthcoming release of GooTool will extend the screen size of Chapter 1 to accommodate more levels.


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How can i make my own goomod level?What is its code

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I loved the game it was a lot of fun, it's one of my favorite games of all time! I just really want to play these custom levels but I bought world of goo for the Wii. Will we every be able to play these custom levels on the Wii?

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It doesn't look possible to play fan levels on the Wii I'm afraid.

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Aww, well I love the game so much ill probably fork over some more cash to buy the computer version! Thanks for replying!