Installing gootool,on Wii

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Joined: 06/15/2015*enchanter49 you did,not look at the whole FAQ it said: particularly the rewrite of gootool for ios would let you do that via ssh or a flash stick so if you want to download and install gootool on Wii you will need
Gootool on a windows mac or Linux computer (since they are the only computers that support downloading and installing gootool the normal way) and WOG on a Wii. then you will need to follow the link above to put gootool on an iPhone iPad or iPod (this was never released so you will have to wait till someone does) and then somehow use ssh or a flash stick to transfer it to your Wii . I do not know how because the FAQ didnt say how.* enchanter49 the reason I
Couldn't post this on your discussion is because. It said that the discussion ended and i had to start a new one if I still wanted to post this .

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not much use for this anymore they aren't missing much

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It's not possible to install it on the Wii. The iPhone version in the FAQ doesn't even work, because it was never implemented

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what I am basically doing is resuming enchanter49's topic about proposed Wii gootool . and I already said that ios gootool is not out yet (and probably Will never be realeased ) . However davidc has posted the source code so I he could translate it to C whenever he wants and then have enchanter49 compile it in to a Wii app . You can find more information at the forum I posted . as soon as either davidc or enchanter49 comes here we will get the information.