holy crap I remember this site

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used to come here because I was obsessed with wog as a kid. joined the site when I was 10 years old, fuck me.

also apparently I was a retarded kid looking back at my old posts omg

will be replaying my old levels. can't wait to re experience my young naivety Smile

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watch ur profanity

Welcome back! On a side, there's also a somewhat-active discord server you can find here:

I give critique to recent levels.

You've waited, and I finally have delivered!
World of Goo 1/2 Chapter 3 is finally here!

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Nalar I think it’s totally ok to look back at your old posts and levels .
I sometimes do that too! and you wanna know one thing? I’m 8! and I joined the site when I was 6! And then I took a big break from the site too!
Its in my about me page.

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welcome back! its a sad time here on goofans though... goofans is dying, barely any mods are getting published, and the last active moderator was a week ago.... and davidc says we have enough mods already (we really dont)

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When did davidc say that?

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On email