Hey! Remember me?

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It has been years since I last visit this forum, I came from the day where there are new forum topic every hour. And the mods are updated daily like fresh baked cookies. With a minimum of 20 online users at all times. Ahhhh the memories Smile

I don't actually play the game anymore, and thus no longer mod the game. I'm just stopping by, saying hi to the community. Maybe some of you still remembers me? well I'll just leave this post for the people i know (and love) to see. Shout out to MOM4evr, gooey goo, goomatz, puggsoy, peter B, naveed_rizvi, Mygod, movildima, Albino Pokey, and all the other OGs that I haven't mentioned. Wink

All my addin | I love you World of Goo!

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Long time no see, it's kinda neat seeing old users pop up every now and then. Can't say I play the game much either, but I'm impressed that there are still new and well put-together mods coming out today.

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oh your back hello again haven't seeing you for along time

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sup from the past