Correct XSL?

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Yes. That works fine. For certain purposes, however, having an XSL is safer and cleaner. It's considered better programming practice. Smile
There are certain features that should be accomplished with an XSL, rather than a decrypt/encrypt/include in goomod. For example, XDBoy's level "Fly Her To The Moon." He created his own particle systems to use in properties/fx.xml.bin, and placed them as XSLs in the merge directory in his goomod. If he hadn't, and someone else had made a particle system for one of their levels (which I have, for the WOG 2 project), then his would overwrite theirs if placed higher on the stack in GooTool. Then their level would crash.

Long story short, yes, your way would work fine, but XSLs are cleaner. Smile

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Pavke wrote:
jmleleven wrote:
I don't get it. Most people think you have to make an XSL to edit a .bin file in WoG. What I just do is decrypt, edit, and encrypt. (GooTool -> Advanced -> Decrypt/Encrypt)

Yes that true, but how do you share that as a goomod? Example above is goomod addin xml

I've done it before. Simply place the edited ".bin" in the override folder. Laughing out loud

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Yes, that fine, but like MOM4Evr said, ...xml.XSL in merge folder are much better because it allows you to use multiply addins of the same thing. One would merge with other.

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gotta learn to be a programmer or ill NEVER understand this

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Yep. Programming is fun, though. Laughing out loud
And thanks for the correction, Pavke. Yes, they're .xml.xsl in the merge folder, not simply .xsl like I said. Smile

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Yes, now I get it.

Thanks, Pavke. You have given my life meaning. Wink