I made a level, Now I can't run it

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Joined: 04/25/2010

So I just made my first level in the editor by following the tutorial in these forums,

The only problem I have is actually playing the level, it tells me to click the run button at the top of the editor, when I click on that it takes me to the World of Goo title screen and I can not see anyway to actually run my level.

Joined: 06/19/2009

You need the v1.3 patch, if you're on windows.

Get it Here -> http://www.worldofgoo.com/dl2.php?lk=patch

That should sort it out!

Joined: 04/25/2010

I'll try downloading it, I brought World of Goo off Steam, that won't cause any problems will it?

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http://goofans.com/faq/world-goo/getting-world-goo says you can use it to update the Steam version, so it's probably OK.

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I put it in the steam folder of world of goo and everything worked out.
Thanks for helping me out