James' Glitchy Balls....

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Better a thread than a whole series of "Off-topic" posts on the WooGLE page....
You say "glitchy when they are attached to something"...

Glitchy how?
when they are attached to "something in particular"... or.. anything?

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It is when they are attached, they start jumping around as if the "Bug school #2" glitch was activated.

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Looks like the problem is the springconstmin and max in the strand tag.

Two things...
1) The values a "high", compared to all the original balls.
2) They are very different... all (but 1) original balls had the same values in min and max.

If I set both to 30... the structure "glitches" badly with about 5 attached
if I set both to 20... it "Shivers" as if the glitch is just about to start.. but it doesn't.

The highest value 2DBoy used was 10 (On Bombs and Bones)... Looks like there was a goo-d reason for that. Wink

Also, recommend you change the maxlen2 to around 140... it's what the original balls used. I'm about to write up exactly what they each do, but for now ...
maxlen2 should be less than maxlen1... 2DBoy used approx. *0.7, for a good reason... and it will give your balls a familiar building style.

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Thanks, they work fine now. Smile