Help with WoG editor (who doesn't?!)

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So... im making a level, as you can tell. but, im having background problems. I put the .png file in the level folder, clicked "Update Resources", and made a new scene layer as the background. On the level display, it only has the circle that marks the center of the image. And, whenever i do ANYTHING with the image, sometihng similar to this pops up on the text window:
Warning: failed to load image "LEVEL_IMAGE_EDITOR_BACKGROUND_GRID": "res\levels\%LEVELNAME%\editor_background_grid"
(i bleeped out the level name because i wanted to keep it a surprise Tongue)

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Try forward slashes (at the very least, you should do that anyway for cross-platform compatibility).

I never succeeded in editing resources in wogeditor and had to reload the program to get it to pick them up.

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well, i reloaded WOG Editor, and it's still not showing up in the level display. Also, WoG crashes anyway when i try to play it. (i also changed the slashes.)

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It maybe obvious but have you put a scale parameter setting, eg: scale 1.2,2.6 and the image name. This is set from the drop down list as set by the resource tab.
Don't give up with WOG, it might be a tad awkward but it can deliver results.