Could i ask a favor?

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Could somebody check what is wrong in my goomod file.Cus i really want to make a level. Tired

Crazeh man!

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where is this goomod of which you speak?

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Joined: 04/10/2009

No,i ean i send somebody the file so they can fix it.It's a level .goomod

Crazeh man!

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I'd be willing to fix it, but I'd rather not stick my Email up here where everyone in the universe can see it. It might be easier if you uploaded the goomod as a level (With a notice saying this is an incomplete version) so someone can diagnose your problem and tell you how to fix it.
If they can.

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Yes, joris, upload your goomod here and I'll fix it before i publish it... you to MOM4Evr Wink

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ok thx guys!

Crazeh man!