Creating Information Superhighway-like signs

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I'm creating some levels in the Information Superhighway green style and am trying to add signposts. When playing a level, they look fine, but if you click on them, they show the normal (non-Information Superhighway-looking) dialog with black text. Any ideas on how to change this to look more like the Information Superhighway? I poked around in the text.xml file and didn't see anything, and I'm not quite sure if I can set some field in WOG Editor to fix this.

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Does no one else know, either?

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I believe this may be affected by what island the level is in, but I dont know, you should probably see if anyone should confirm this

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Things like the signpost style and the loading-screen icon are dependent on the chapter the level is in, and all goomod levels are installed into chapter 1. I once considered allowing authors to specify the chapter, but I concluded it would just confuse users with not knowing where to find a level.

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Ah, thanks. Oh, well. The levels are pretty cool, anyway.Smile