Strand Types?

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I am currently trying to make a type of gooball where the strands stay the same length, and don't bounce. I am using the "Gookies" balls.xml to create this new type.When I look at the "strand" section, there is a part notifying "type=spring". Are there other built-in types that I can just rename the "spring" to, or will I have to make one in some very complicated and technical way?

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probably technical

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no, you cannot make different strand types of I remember correctly, the types that you can change that to are rope and one other type (I forget what)

ok, arguably I think you could make a different type if you modified the .exe, but I odnt think that would be within reason, and I dont know about the legality of modifying the exe.

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There are only 2 two strand types.There was a discution exactly like this.Read Advanced gooball modding for that.

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