YouTube Level Making contest!

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Hello! If you read that message, that means only one thing! You've get to a special theme about level(or chapter) making contest! Winners is going to 3. 20 places. Only 3 winners. Firstly, send me a level(or chapter)and... Just wait. Contest will be ended on 13 July.
1) Make something new, something exclusive. Publish it on goofans, then give a link in that topic, and... Again, just wait. All of levels(chapters) will shown on my YouTube channel. After the contest, i give a link to my channel. So, you're can to see your mod in YouTube!

I'm Spivy from future!

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Meh, too busy

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I mean, I do have something, but its not exactly "new" but its a mapworldview that has 3 chapter finished and a 4th one coming, but since its published 3 weeks ago, its not technically new, although Im still going to use it here: