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Yes my friends, I`m back to tell you how good this is coming
I dont wanna be the "Promise guy" so this schedule about the moon chapter will be OFFICIAL and NOTHING will be in the road to acomplish it:
-sunday:Acomplish images (only one remaining),make easter eggs
_Monday:put in order the map scenelayers,test easter eggs and fix difficulty things
-tuesday:keep fixing difficulty,test all level curcunstances, in search of bugs
-wednesday:compile and publish

Be patient,the OFFICIAL date is WEDNESDAY
also the features in this MEGA MOD are:
-NEW 2d boy logo
-New Mapworldview
-brand new 16 levels
-new chapter map
-a lot of easter eggs
-continuation of the original storyboard

Hey You!
Start the fun and Install the fan made CHAPTER 6: MOON OF GOO

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Yay! i have been waiting...
will download!
it's friday now... are you in a different time zone than me?
i'm sorry if i seem impatient... i'm just excited to play it. Smile